Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 28 December 2007

Yeah… com'on have a seat for a second…

Yeah… com’on have a seat for a second…Originally uploaded by Cienega Soon.

Cien’s post word for word:

hey…about our recent hater attacks …damn …
The one thing that brings a hater out in the open is his attention to those he thinks are better than him.

By his open public words or private unsigned emails, he is stating; “I am nothing compared to all I have placed higher than myself… I must tear them down…grrr!”…Sadly this will never end for them, as they can’t see themselves reach any level of comparison.

It is pure selfishness and self-loathing at the same time. I cant take that personal its not about me its about them.

They also can’t stand it when someone is happy with something less than what they would want, that infuriates them. They are always seething with jealously in good and bad.

Photoshop is a fantastic tool of this century as with the computer and all this virtual world excellence. Times are changing and technology is passing some individuals…. to bad for them.

I don’t think I could slam oil painters for using too much paint or Mozart for having to many layers of sound. What a load of crap.

Photoshop ME … In all areas of my life, layers and layers …bring it on!!!

Write an Opera …. Touch my heart!

Write a Book turn it into a movie, Come on try to make me NOT see your art!!!


ITS CALLED “ART” …its every where … streets, lamp posts, walls, stone walks, desks, phones, jewelry, cars, fabric, weavings, carpets, window frames, doors, paintings, music, hats, scarves, blankets, wheels, golf clubs, curbs and sidewalks, ….all art…. even this Junkyard I’m sitting in now…ART!

So shut up about what’s art or not ………… Art means someone created something.
Like it or not, it was created by a mind and a spirit. I love watching huge dirt-moving machines moving soil to mounds to make a park…ART. Each one of those machines has a decal of some sort that some human created…ART. I love watching the human mind when it creates, even as a baby making finger paintings.

To all you guys taking these, (SL screenshots).. I call photos. They are all wonderful to see. I know you all enjoyed taking them; you smiled when you posted them. That pleases me. And that’s why I look. ….Your Minds Eye has a fan, … ME! ….I love all the photos of Second Life and all the First Life Photography I gather to my favorites.

For me; I sing, and write, and take photos…. And no matter what anyone thinks I will never stop till I’m dead. I will do it for those that want to see or hear. And for those that don’t. I wont take it personal… cuz its not me thinking with their brains …so what they think is OK for them. BUT, I won’t stand by silent when someone is being attacked. I will speak up for them and fight for them, its called love! … Kindness goes a long way …and it comes back even greater…try it!

So just sitting here in the Junkyard by a cozy fire thinking of my friends I had to say all this….

I value human hearts, I value human creativity, I value my friends in all places I meet them. I share my opinion for any that want to read it, and if you made it all the way to this paragraph then I hope you understand this is not a competition, this is a gathering of creativity that is held with great respect by most everyone here.

HEY HUMANS KEEP CREATING! US OTHER HUMANS WILL ENJOY IT! …and yeah some will not…but its ok, thats their own demon “-)


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