Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 3 January 2008



So, as I prepare to teach this semester I’ve been reminded that I actually have fairly important [to me] things to work on.  The [SEER] Model of Creative Practice is at best in the sketch phase. I need to take the time to fully draw it out in relation to metacognition and autobiographical memory, see how it correlates to those especially important two latest philosophy of mind theories and really give a gander at the NLP Methodology that has been used for some first person research.

Yeah…It really is time for me to stop paying attention to what other people want or need, especially if what they want or need is for me to revamp my ideas to accommodate them.

Sigh, I am so tired of being reminded that I should have listened to my mother.


  1. “SEER”

    You got me here! Seriously grabbed my soul.

    It is so good to see that you are still working and fabulous to learn that you are putting your hands back into sculpting.

    Not sure whether or not I’ve been among those who told you who you should or should not have listened to… But if I did, well… Then you shouldn’t have listened to me ;-> We all must do what we are created to do.

    We are not alike–different lifestyles, beliefs, etc., but one thing I knew along time ago is that YOU HAVE IT and you are not afraid to allow the world to see your gifts and talents–or your dreams.

    Remain fearless, “sisterfriend.”

    (I listed my blog spot rather than website. Like you, I do what I was created to do. And so…)

    Much love and blessings!

    (aka Jeme)

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