Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 13 March 2008

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

Originally uploaded by XM: Autopoiesis.

Been thinking… this you might say is a dangerous thing. However for a philosopher it shouldn’t be an event that has to be noted… thinking things.

I spent a few days away from The Arts Office and had my first “philosophy” thought in God knows how many months.

Keeping in mind that I should pay attention to the flow of my thoughts especially recurring ones [like last time with the recurring thought of the piece I took a hammer to because I thought it failed] I find I keep thinking of Atlas Shrugged and lifeboat ethics…no not the ‘philosophy’ thought-these two are recurring thoughts. So keeping in mind that I had to be away from the place that is supposed to be TAO in order to have a philosophy thought, I thought…

Hmmm…What does this mean?

A rhetorical question really. I know what it means.

This means I feel like my survival is threatened, not so melodramatically as physically but in as much as I hold survival and the worth of it to mean that I continue to work at the things that I chose to give up a comfortable job and home to work toward.

Lifeboat ethics. Time to lighten the load including those whose positions I helped to strengthen on the boat who now think this means they get to direct where I and the boat go.

The person who holds the paddles gets to decide direction in the world I create… else, I create anew. I can swim and need not this boat.

Really though, I’d much prefer to push some fuckers out to learn how to swim on their own… much more expedient than looking for another boat.


  1. […] *****Evidence of how long some processes take and that catalysts are definitely needed. […]

  2. […] *****Evidence of how long some processes take and that catalysts are definitely needed. […]

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