Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 14 April 2009

Call to Artists for virtual Flow Exhibition

Please email me with questions and forward to artists who might be interested.

I will be presenting a virtual exhibition in Hong Kong on June 11-14, 2009 on the subject of “Flow” or the experience of optimal performance in the Art Technology and Design installations of the Asia Consciousness Festival/Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference.  I would like to include other artists in the exhibition/installation if possible.

I am looking for artists that would be willing to do an art piece specifically addressing that experience we have within the artmaking process where everything just seems to comes together, the times when we manage to become fully focused on what we are working on and it seems like “the magic” happens.

What is needed.
The artwork: Can be in any media and can either be specifically about “flow” or be a piece where you feel you achieved “flow” or exemplifies your experience of flow.
Description: A short written explanations [250 words] about the piece and the flow concept from your perspective.
The usual: Name, short bio/cv, title of the work, media, size, etc.
Digital copy: Hi-res copy of the work so it can be translated to the 3D virtual environment. If 3 dimensional work, then pictures from different angles.
Your permission: Must be OK with the idea of making a virtual representation of the work for a virtual exhibition.

When it is needed.
May 1st: Notice of interest in doing the project and a representation of current work [can be the artwork itself if you already have something that exemplifies your flow experience].
May 15th: Deadline for images of 3D work [flexible according to the complexity of the piece.
May 30th: Deadline for images of 2D or digital/video/sound work

The Exhibition and beyond.
June 11-14 exhibition in Hong Kong from the Miami-Dade College Second Life Island
July 1st: Exhibition re-installed at TAO Network Gallery Space in Second Life
After July 1st: Details worked out with individual artists for the possibility of making the original artworks a part of the NoumenArts Collection of TAO:5448 Gallery in Lauderhill, FL 

This will be an ongoing project addressing art and consciousness to eventually include other kinds of inner experience within the artist’s creative process, other exhibitions, conferences, symposiums and publication.

Here are a few links.

The Conference/Exhibition:
About me:

Second Life: 


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