Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 21 July 2009

Decoherence Entropy Collapse Entanglement Planck Time Yadayada…


Sigh… – 4.4.2 – have this in print already – “uncertainty relations” – have this in print already

Look through the postings/files for other stuff and duplication. Check DJ’s website for attention, self-knowledge and perception of time. Look for MacMahon papers on perceptual/cognitive analogues|aesthetic judgment. Lynds-yeah, yeah.  functionally-specious/ after which update the META page.

I absolutely abhor that I can tell I’ve lost thinking ability… what the hell was I supposed to remember to question about the last post?  There it is finally… the question.  Crikey.  I need a brain tune up.  Is there a way to identify this state from other states?  i.e is there a difference in kind.  Potentially, things are always being processed at the quantum level-as hamerhof says with the ability to go backward in time.  I don’t agree with the directional language-time becomes fluid-you can go in whatever direction is necessary to accomplish the thing you need to accomplish.  How would one identify something akin to the “free harmony” moment[s] neurobiologically?  [Oooo, Rogerson’s published a book on free harmony – woot!]  Well, yeah…I seem to think free harmony is analogous to some religious experiences and flow… so duh!

And still another question: Is the “does not compute” moment really like those other moments? Is it really analogous to free harmony –such that they are all instances of a pause in/kind of process that brings “I” state awareness, specifically awareness of both the system state/boundaries and perceptual [maybe cognitive] content within specious time. And… for pete’s sake, what is it really that I’m asking? Am I going to be able to explain this to anyone?

And a note: that I am specifically thinking about this – as a higher level of awareness than others – as the marker for specifically human consciousness as attached to a specifically [strong] subjective quality of experience.  Yeah, later…tired.

******Oh yes, the moment of uncertainty then judgment|choice.  OK look, I know it’s just a word that doesn’t necessarily translate cleanly to quantum physics but it is a description of the state of the person|system at that moment.


****Decoherence-then there is the thing… It is not just the level of complexity but the high level of disparate interactions that give rise to increasing “I” state awareness.  While the earth itself or say the universe is complex – the spins are relatively [to us] changeless, so then the “interactions” even considering space debris.  Possibly there is a statistically relevant difference in the amount of uncertainty that a human encounters as opposed to a fish or a nebulae … tired again. [Statistical “Degrees of Freedom”] Buddy certainly seemed almost conscious-perhaps it has to do with learning…. or rather, teaching or…understanding.  I mean the basic question I have is if I knew anything when I could answer a question without thinking.


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