Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 12 September 2009

Another Weekend

Renaissance Exhibition Photo

Artwork image: ‘Ocular Map: Gyrate Atrophy’

So, I haven’t posted because I haven’t wanted to change from the image in the previous post.  Whee! It’s nice to be in love with something I’ve done again.  Still, that clearly can’t continue.

The database conversion for the Flinders Project is kicking my a**! Well, the conversion is actually done.  Organizing the webpages is actually what is tedious and as usual I don’t have enough quiet time… because I actually need to sleep nowadays.  Yeah, yeah. I did not get it done before going to brasil.  I WILL finish it this weekend. 

I get such a sense of peace every time I think about just chucking the Ethics class except that it wouldn’t be ethical to do that.  What possible way could I rationalize not finishing a class that I’ve already begun to teach.  That I may lose most of my marbles before the semester is over?  Please, that won’t work. If the vampire|zombie version of artists didn’t completely take me out [though I admit I do feel a little bit damaged], a group of students that I actually enjoy shouldn’t.  Why can’t there be a way to do this without grading papers?

OK, back to Flinders.  I think I can just record myself using the software.  Maybe I should just take the lazy way out and get someone to do it with/for me. In any case, I’ve got to get this done already because I really think I shouldn’t do anything more with the environment and detailing it until I know they have approved the interface itself.  I’m not gonna fool myself into thinking that they really find the art part of this to be important.

Da!  A post of some sort for today.  Hopefully I will come up with something of substance later on.



  1. OK, so I didn’t finish the software conversion. it has occured to me [again] that I am not really supposed to be making the software changes. And… although I can do it [in the throes of tedium], I think I am being stubborn BY doing it. I’ll send the software person an email and see what she thinks.

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