Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 13 September 2009

Finding meaning in the meaningless

Cuz it's all about the shoes

Agent Smith:  Illusions, Mr. Anderson.  Vagaries of perception.  Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect, trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose!

So, believing as I do that it is impossible to remove bias.  I have to do some work at digging up and analyzing the things that I may not allow myself to look at clearly or handle objectively.  At the top of this list is the tendency to find meaning [and analogues] where others don’t, including that deep belief in what I call the non-arbitrary nature of the universe. NaNU, NaNU. Hah!

Whilst I am very aware that I use use quite a lot of words in way much, much! broader than most people [a post about words to come next or soon] there are the core beliefs that:

  1. Whatever inescapable conclusions I come to will still be resolvable with some version of the concept of God and further,
  2. even if it is some entirely new and/or almost unrecognizeable version of this concept [ie. a physicalist form of pantheism, a philosophical re-interpretation of the omnipresence of “The Real” or some such conceptual framework] this separation of what is ‘truly real’ from everyday lived experience does not necessarily invalidate the cumulative meaning of these experiences.
  3. I am, at bottom, an Idealist.  I will go as far as to claim Subjective Idealism.  This last is important in that I don’t believe I’ve actually worded this out loud even though it is one of my very, very basic beliefs that is troublesome on quite a few philosophical levels [if carried out to the inevitable end of it] and because I don’t think most people realize [in a logically comprehensible and aware manner] that most religions on some level have this as a foundation AND that it is compatible with the way in which most neuroscientists and irritatingly disagreeable people like Dennett claim that subjective experience or qualia is an illusion.

Of course, I don’t think these core beliefs are logically incompatible [ie. pantheism, in the sense that consciousness exists throughout all matter is compatible with Idealism] and additionally, even though on the surface a neuroscientifically materialist view may seem incompatible with an idealist view; it is not.

Ok, at least I have written this down… will finish the post [trying to figure out how this can, does and will affect how I analyze information] later 🙂

***********Additionally, there is the need to elaborate property dualism-reread physicalist qualia paper and meaning in a false world – reread DJ’s Matrix as Metaphysics* and my notes.  Yay! We watch The Matrix in class on Monday.

* 14/09/09/08:50 — and in a not so rare moment of admiration for DJ – I gotta give it to him he is able to coherently wrap his head around concepts that most people can’t even conceive or in my case can’t even begin to approach with coherent expression.  I especially like the ‘virtual Tuscon’ line of thought in explaining why beliefs in a matrix would not be false beliefs.

15/09/09/02:23 — and under the category of brain fart: The primary impetus for this post was the experience of the zombie artists [nanu, nanu or the non-arbitrary interpretation of this experience-at the very least I am non-arbitrary in my thinking/filing away of information].  Charm had warned me about the tendency to assume that everyone is like me and one of the things underlying this vein of speculation is a supposed “commonality” in human experience. But am I correct in this?  I make a sweeping generalization that at bottom art or fine art is an attempt to externalize experience in order to “analyze” it – an attempt of objectifying [thus grounding the veracity of] subjective experience but what if there really are zombie artists? Maybe, a better way of wording this is what if I am some kind of anomaly? What if artists are just painting to release emotions? Then again, what if this very question is some version of the idea that the intrinsic motivation need not be conscious and the emotions themselves are caused by the need to objectify subjective experience?  i.e. working through the anomaly is functionally necessary in order to achieve balance in a concrete physical/computational sense [as opposed to a fuzzy spiritual sense]? Bah! will traverse this circle a few more times. CPREA paper…


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