Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 14 September 2009

Second Life

/me feels special :)

Ah, the places blue hair will get you. Reminds me of Fire and Ice days at UM when I actually did have blue hair for a bit.

****************So, I was supposed to post as soon as I got in from class so I would not miss a day.  I decided to do some stuff online for my classes first.  Where are my priorities! LOL.  Well, seriously though… I really have set priorities and this is supposed to come before the other.

Ah well, technically in Tonie world it is the same day since I haven’t gone to bed yet. It’s still the same day in SL.

OK, so the next little or not so little bit of will be spent going through the blog getting rid of all those strange characters inserted when I did the upgrade. Ugh!  Also, finally fixing the artwork pages, adding tags and doing some general organizing of categories and… of course, the content.


Post this bad bwoy and I’m done for the night.

***Woot! Forgot that the blog is on SL time. Yay for time cheats 🙂


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