Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 September 2009

Blue Cat

Blue Cat Xhyra

Was at Nocturnal Vibe tonight-rock night! The evening  was dedicated to Living Colour.  DJ is a member of Black Rock Coalition. Yeah, who knew? Forgot to ask him the name of Jada Pinkett’s band, I keep forgetting it. I had a great time listening to old and new ‘funky rock’ [Even though I kept trying to work and crashing SL.]

Then they played Black Cat by Janet Jackson.  I had flash back of my living room and me singing at the top of my voice.  I love that song – love Janet. 

Anyway – listen here:

Black Cat –

Living Colour – [Cult of Personality], [Back in Black remake]

Lenny Kravitz – [Are you gonna go my way?]

Sevendust – [Praise], [Denial]

Skunk Anansie – [Selling Jesus], [Because of You]

I love Rock!!


Gonna start a Rock Band in Second Life 🙂

****Wicked Wisdom: [Something Inside of Me]. There you go Jada

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