Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 20 September 2009

Reorganizing my mind…

inevitable chaos

I’ve moved the Xhyra Graf/Second Life/Journal type entries to The Xhyra Graf.  Supposedly this will alllow me to use this as a more “professional” website. LOL. 

I’ll try to keep this blog about the academic stuff and actual real life artwork having to do with philosophy and consciousness; the Second Life documentary pictures, etc. of Xhyra will go on the other blog. I suppose the Flinders work will be here. 

Everything’s been moved… so now I get to go about deleting all the things that will be on the other blog.

Yeah, we’ll see how this works out.  It’s going to be a little difficult [I think] to work this out cleanly.

*******Just a note: This is leaving the blog somewhat bare.  However, it should make sure that I am forced to blog daily about something academic [yeah, like work toward my PhD] or face self-reproach.

*******So I give my self the task of doing one elaborate/META [add to that a few of the 85+  posts placed on ‘pending review status’] and one new post per day… The following post seemed to serve the purpose of grounding me after I read it yesterday so I’m moving it from the Elaborate category to META – Should I just make art & pray?

*******And, Duh!  organizing means that these things have to be organized under the subcategories of ‘Phd’


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