Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 21 September 2009

Some words…

Cuz it's all about the shoes

So, in a sense I trained myself to read by recognising patterns and derived meaning from those patterns. That causes me to come upon the problem of how it possible for language to allow us to communicate while remaining intrinsically error-laden. As usual [for me] the problem and solution are best exemplified with art – the artmaking process vs. the art viewing process. The artmaker being the pattern maker and the art viewer being the pattern user.

The difference between the pattern makers and the pattern users:

The Pattern Maker: understands [hopefully in an aware manner but not necessarily] that the pattern is a representation that may not fit every situation and continues to make patterns through two avenues.  Either to make more [distinctive versions of] patterns/representations so they be come intricately linked to the varieties of meaning meant to be expressed or make less [broader, general] patterns/representations that are given meaning within the context of the situation in which they are presented. [So, let’s say it is possible that there may be a combination of both methods and also discarding or substantially modifying a pattern. I want to focus on these two options maybe.]

The Pattern User: [Seems I am having a problem delineating just what a pattern user does] So, I’m going to have to post this as another! thing I add to the Elaborate category.  Just the note: they either decide they need a pattern and go looking ofor one or come upon it by accident usually with a visceral response akin to ‘the pattern is or will be useful to me somehow” which is akin to interest, which is a problem.  This refers to art and aesthetics – don’t think anyone approaches art in a truly disinterested manner anymore.  Unless it’s by surprise.  An aesthetic response that has as a portion ‘disinterestedness’ probably only happens in nature.

Other note: reread the toolmaker’s paradigm article. I need that todo list plugin…


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