Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 29 September 2009

At attention

At attention

Originally uploaded by XhyraGraf

I met a nice former army medic while exploring SL for ideas on a Veterans theme. A trekkie that still does medical work now that he’s out of the military.

I like SL. You get to meet people, as in RL, but I find that I tend to be able to have more of a conversation in SL. I’m usually waiting for the other person to take a breath – it is rude to interrupt, you know.

I find that in real life people rarely pause when yapping away and even if they do, it’s not so they can hear anything you have to say.

Why did I look like this? I just happened to be doing it after some Flinders filming [I don’t hink the blue woman is appropriate for a government funded project] and didn’t bother to change.


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