Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 2 May 2010

Lazy Sunday

At home by the pool

Actually at home looking down at the pool.

We were supposed to do aqua aerobics today but it’s  a lazy Sunday… for me.  My aqua trainer cousin is busy doing yard work and I don’t foresee her getting here to give me the training. Yay! I can continue to sit on the balcony, feeling the breeze and lazily do cat stretches [including the yawn] every once in a while.  Life is good.  I applaud the decisions I have made to lead me here regardless of the other minor annoyances.  Most of the time I realize that is all they are – minor annoyances that I have the capability of changing.

When I can actually take a small step away and think about the things that are happening in my life, I’m able to realize the absolute awesomeness of it all.  I am here. I got up, rustled around a bit, opened the blinds to step out unto the balcony and drew in a deep breath of  calm yippee!ness. Kids splashing in the pool, wind rustling through my own personal palm tree over the balcony and an uninterrupted 15 to 20 minutes just sitting on my chair drinking it in.

The most important thing of all is that I have learned… am learning …to say no, to think about myself and my own wellbeing.  This is progress 🙂 

Just… If I can actually take it day by day and keep moving forward.

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