Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 6 May 2010

Free! Harmony…

Virtual Seer @ Flinders

I have two whole days where I don’t have to think about school.  I am for some reason [duh!] having a hard time articulating the Kantian Free Harmony as Nondual Awareness concept so I can write.  Maybe I can use these two days to flesh it out.  No maybe about it.  I need to take these two days to flesh it out. I’m not getting any younger…

I probably need to do some work.  Nothing like being the the state to help with reporting on the state.  ‘Tis what I do… or try to do 🙂  Not very much reporting has been going on for a while now. I blame it on the zombie artists.  [not really – I need to learn how not to be affected so much by my environment.]  Read something interesting about nonduality re: the ‘seperateness’ of the spiritual awakening in a certain sense – where someone can [claim to?] be spiritually awakened but be a complete bastard.  [Of course, there is that whole issue with me that when I see images of Wilber I think “AntiChrist” – don’t know. I guess I really need to meet the guy because his pictures make him look somehow alien.]

But back to the topic at hand – I wonder about this.  There is the western christian foundational belief that you must be willing give of yourself to the extent that it means to sacrifice yourself for your ‘brother man’ [being Christ-like] and then there is the eastern stage of unattaching yourself from ‘encumberances’ to reach that higher plane [being Buddha-like].  I sometimes used to think they meant practically the same thing.  Self sacrifice necessarily entails the letting go of ‘self’  or the idea of ‘self as seperate’ and is definitely made easier if one could also hold on to the belief that ‘the kindom of heaven is within you’ and/or that omnipresence also necessitates ‘god’ within ‘self’ or some such more clearly written diatribe. However analysed, at bottom it just seems to be cultural structure and the vagaries of language that make giving yourself and removing yourself seem to be two different things.


Was a long break since, as usual, I find that there is something else I needed to do for the beginning of classes on Monday.


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