Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 9 May 2010

Sun-daying on the balcony

[♂]::MΔSTЭЯMIИĐS::[♀]  Week 47

It’s almost too much the incredible feeling of the sun giving me some colour.  I looked at my legs this morning and realized they were several [several!] shades lighter than the rest of me.  Well, except for a couple of other places.

So I stretched out on the balcony… thinking about how everything eventually evens out when you reach the limits of the colour you can be. Basking in the feeling of the sun’s heat penetrating me and the little droplets of sweat that I tolerated because I knew I could just jump in the shower when I was done.  Still, I more than tolerated it  — I was lost, enveloped in sensation. Everything was a caress, even the beads of sweat rolling down my thighs.

If I do nothing else, I need to preserve the self indulgence of my Sunday mornings.

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