Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 11 May 2010

Joan of Arc

21st Century Drow

Just watched the movie again. Had forgotten the ending. Except for the hair — still don’t appreciate the darkened hair, it’s trite.

“Proud, stubborn, selfish and cruel.”

Sounds like me. However, I will not give them the sanction of the victim.  Again I say “I am not the Christ.”

She said, “Acting in the way that people are allowed to behave when they believe they are fighting for a cause.”

Not that I believe I am fighting for a ’cause’ – Liar. Maybe not in the proper or ‘that’ sense of the word.  However, I definitely believe that I am re-forging my path, making up for time lost [course correcting] and would use the phrases ‘come hell or high water’ and/or ‘be damned those who stand in my way’ — this knowledge is not enough to make me back down.

Remember… I have that problem [knowing something doesn’t necessarily change behaviour] and add to that a sprinkle of newly developed rational self-interest.

I will not stay around and continue to make other people comfortable with their mediocrity by playing the role of someone who does nothing more than everyone else in an environment where everyone knows that I do. 

Fuck ’em all.



  1. […] line: Joan of Arc I am not… I’m not like her. I’m not even tied up and forced to continue […]

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