Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 17 May 2010

The VR Thing

Must get to work...

To pick up from here:  What’s the importance of the VR, specifically Second Life? Is it just that it’s more practical than creating big ass sculpture in real life?1

There’s About the Xhyra Graf. It is what I came up with when I sat down to think about what it is I do.  So, there is some validity to that…. and just found this.

So… what are the usual issues?

  • Immersiveness:
    • installations vs possibility of full immersion
      • VR has more of a possibility of removing external distractions vs. gallery setting or even public art spaces.
  • Veracity:
    • to the proper full expression – this is an issue.  There is a loss, at this point in technology, of what [I feel] is most important to my work.
  • Storage 1:
    • installations/large sculpture take up space
      • especially if one is realistic and expects some failures this can become quite cumbersome.
  • Storage 2:
    • no deterioration. 
      • maintenance of initial expression – the resin took the place of the latex for this reason.
  • Reference2:
    • In the same way as a computer catalogue is easier than a card catalogue.
    • It is a part of my process to refer to previous work to ground myself.
    • The possibility of augmentation-i.e. HUD/notecards.

 I’m sure there’s more… but I’ll come back to it later.

1 Well, I pretty much encapsulated it here –  There’s nothing wrong with analysing your reasons though.  It is kind of important to me to know why I do things.  That’s an understatement; knowing why I do things drives most of my action — especially when it comes to the creative process.  At bottom, everything has the goal of illuminating the ‘why’ below the manifold of things even if filtered through the what & how questions.

2 I still &#$@^%$!! miss Epistamai Logos – this is why some artists don’t want to sell certain pieces of their freaking work. [An important portion of my memory is in Pakistan. Ugh!]



  1. […] ‘VR Thing’ post is still in draft.  I can’t seem to resolve that it is nothing but practicality – […]

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