Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 27 May 2010


From Chalmers’ Locke Lectures, Oxford 2010:

P: microphysical/macrophysical truths in (final plus classical) physical vocabulary.
Q: phenomenal truths (optional: secondary quality truths, intentional truths).
T: a that’s-all truth
I: indexical truths
PQTI: P, Q, T, I plus laws/counterfactuals in PQTI vocabulary
PQI: P, Q, I plus laws/counterfactuals in PQI vocabulary

A positive truth is one such that if it holds in a scenario, it holds in all scenarios that outstrip that scenario.

Today’s scrutability theses: all ordinary positive truths (henceforth: ordinary truths) are [empirically, conditionally] scrutable from PQI.

Cosmoscope: (i) supercomputer to store PQI and calculate, (ii) holographic tools that use P [and Q] to convey truths about matter in a region, (iii) virtual reality tools that use Q to convey truths about experience, (iv) a “you are here” marker using I to convey indexical truths, (v) simulation mechanisms to convey truths about counterfactuals.

Cosmoscope argument
1. All ordinary truths are scrutable from a Cosmoscope.
2. If a truth is scrutable from a Cosmoscope it is scrutable from PQI.
3. All ordinary truths are scrutable from PQI.

: Fitchian truth is one that is unknowable because properly investigating its truth-value [by a given method] one would change its truth value.

remote truth is one that is unknowable because of physical barriers of space, time, observation.


  1. […] proposed by David Chalmers in his 2010 Locke Lecture – “Constructing the World” [Click here for a short post with his parameters for a cosmoscope.]  I assimilated the concept in this first iteration into a ‘Nondual Cosmoscope’ as a tool of […]

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