Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 27 May 2010

LOST Finale

I finally watched it on Tuesday.

I cried… a lot, like… bawling.

I was a great ending.  Yes, it did not give ‘answers’ to some of the questions that people might have had but, sheesh!  Do you think Jin and Sun cared?  or Juliette and Sawyer?  I was left with no questions because to see Sawyer happy was enough… especially since it was his dimples that caused me to make an effort to watch the show anyway 🙂 that and Kate’s hair – it was thing of wonder.  LOST on an island, she still managed to look like she just stepped out of a salon most of the time.

I remember hearing about LOST. It was probably around the end of Season 2.  So, I sat to watch an episode. I didn’t finish.  I was confused and didn’t see anything that would unconfuse me.  They were lost on an island… what’s interesting about that?  Well, the credit should actually go to both Sawyer’s dimples and Netflix.  I realized I could watch it from the beginning.  [I don’t think I ever watched it on TV. It was Netflix or the ABC website – even the finale.]

The finale was about closure for the characters after all the crap they went through and I think it was a clean ending – the underlying implications and explanations are kind of obvious really.

In any case, I enjoyed the last show.

OMG! Simon! Um, I mean Charlie 🙂 and Claire. Really, buckets of tears…

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