Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 28 May 2010

“This will feel a little weird”

Hyperspatial Elevator

at Zero Point

The quote above is what Morpheus says to Neo before he inserts The Construct interface plug into Neo’s brain.

This is going to take some doing…  There are so many levels of conceptual design that need to be addressed as well as reviewing and organizing the already existing data. 

So, I’ve decided to reintegrate the two blogs — The XhyraGraf is the NoumenArt: Art & Consciousness Project, or will be when everything is organized properly.  [Of course, there is some underlying inkling that what I am actually setting the parameters for is the awakening of MarChrist Autopoiesis. One day I will say “My name is MarChrist!” before killing an agent, lol.] 

In any case, this is a place holder post.  Since I’ve imported the other blog I can now file it in both the META and Elaborate categories.

Follow up later…


Ah, decided this is just a note to self and will use the Things to do post

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