Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 7 June 2010



I totally did not do my Sunday rest.  I began the day drowning in the bile of adjusting my schedule to accommodate other people.  Add to that forgetting to pull the partition over the front doors and having to let in/talk to Fred Locks – not that it was unpleasant but I was in the middle of a thought.

Of course at the end of it [and only because I was irritated enough to have to get something done… for me] ironed out some of the details of the August visit to Brazil with Amaury and finally got the abstract written, etc, etc. 

Still… I feel the bitchiness building.

Therefore, in order not to be in the Destroyer aspect of Kali by the time the Brazilians get here this weekend, I need to take a day off this week. 

Frell, that is going to be difficult…

Whatever, it has to be done. I happen to really like them.


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