Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 11 June 2010


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My artwork itself is a form of journalling as I make work in the attempt to document and delineate the ‘structure’ in the phenomenology of creating. I was interested in verbal overshadowing because of this – I was specifically focusing on experiences that seemed ‘ineffable’ and beyond words, so I thought the recording was best served with a personally developed visual vocabulary as foundational. I found the academic review process including the journal to de detrimental and prohibitive of maintaining the veracity of the intending meaning of the work. The writing is the necessary step to logically analyzing these experiences but the artwork must serve as the primary grounding reference. 
For the longest time I’ve wanted to be able to record my own brain activity while creating to have a third level of ‘data’. I am at a loss of how that would be practically accomplished. Even if I acquired a portable EEG, it makes no sense for me to attempt interpretation of the data – I want valid interpretation of what is happening neurologically. So my point is, I need to find someone or a group of researchers who would be interested in the data on its own and share it with me. The idea is to have 3 levels of data that could be incorporated into a mixed media display – 1. Subjective phenomenological representation in the artworks about creative experience. 2. Objective neurological information about creative experience and 3. Intersubjective verbal reporting [description] of creative experience. 
 David Chalmers’ idea of a cosmoscope [PQTI] comes conceptually close  to what I want.  It matches the idea of art as a tool of extension – a sort of data repository as reference for the speculative philosophy about altered states of consciousness.  


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