Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 13 June 2010

Fodder II

Or is it Cosmoscope III? Pfft!

Wonders if the research proposal could be facilitated by simple cut and paste from this blog, doh! Also wonder if this qualifies as part of my penchant for verbalizing things before I’m ready and screwing myself over.  

Part of email sent… [with some additional parenthetical notes and um, deletions]  

I have become a bit preoccupied with the idea of a cosmoscope in reference to my artwork.  Still a bit fuzzy but I do have some questions or need some clarification-with the understanding that this is primarily an art [practice led] project. So let’s say just say I want to make a cosmoscope…

[I think I understand correctly] The cosmoscope is basically a hypothetical tool of extension? i.e. Like your IPod, it stores information.  I use the artwork I make as a such. A point of reference for phenomenological information about certain experiences. Better than words since I am particularly interested in certain ineffable experiences. A ‘cosmoscope’ would be  something that organized/catalogued these information/data points [the individual artworks]. 

  1. So, the question becomes would the artwork qualify as or correspond to representation of phenomenal truths-Q? I do write  about these experiences but  the artwork is the primary reference.
  2. Would neurological data [EEG] correlate to P? I’ve been wanting to incorporate that for some time as another type of information.  [including other general  3D/VR physics? Information about ‘the world’]
  3. Phenomenological investigation doesn’t really make ontological claims – T then? I am a bit fuzzy on what qualifies as a that’s all truth.  Does ‘this is just about my experience and I’m making no claims otherwise’ work?
  4. Indexical truths [I, here, now] – some worry this type of information falls under Fitchian or Remote truth because of things like specious time within the ‘flow’ experience and other altered states of consciousness plus the idea that the self is unknowable [maybe just part of T or built-in conditionals or is real-time covered with neurological data?].
    • Would the neurological data make up for that? There would be 3 levels of data – neurological [objective], artwork [subjective] & verbal reporting [intersubjective].
    • Is this something that could be addressed in counterfactuals? [other artists for counterfactual info]

Those are the questions so far. 

I guess the appropriate analogy is that I want to make the cosmoscope to assist in organizing a scrutability base for specific portions of my [to be]constructed world AND [considering the use of technology] if there are new things that can be derived from this pre-determined scrutability base. 

[Need to address practical issues like how the f**k I intend to upgrade my tech-h/w and s/w.  I want my own personal CAVE  and all the other stuff *sniffle* have wiped the concept of sharing from my vocab – flipping zombie artists.]


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