Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 23 July 2010

Blagtween strikes again…


Entropy and Decoherence

So the question becomes:  If it requires so much work to maintain a stable state is the state really meant to be maintained? Consciousness becomes this thing that perpetuates itself at the cost of peace|balance|zero tension. 

I absolutely cannot remember which paper* I was reading where the writer thought the energy that would be required to maintain a conscious state under the specific theory was not mathematically feasible.  I feel like a bad equation today but at least it has gotten me to write [even if it will probably be drivel-something to do with reentrant signalling? Ugh! beats me. Training task: being able to think properly while grading intro assignments].

Obviously I don’t multitask well. I know this. It is why there is only one [really simple] sculpture made in the last 3 or 4 years [f**k!! that ‘where would you be without this’ comment is going to be hard to cleanse].  In any case, maybe I should stop being so particular and make regular old not ‘visual philosophy’ artwork for a bit.  

I’ll pull out the Scotland paraphernalia and do some quick, small paintings daily because I just begin to wonder if I still know how to paint like myself.  Let’s just call it plie|tondue art.  Exercise before the rehearsal before the performance.  Ok,  task set.  That means I have to pack my paints and the Scotland stuff. Aahhh, where the heck am I going to find that?  Oh yea… file cabinet – art fodder drawer.  Hmmm, should see if I can recreate the moment without the stuff.  But then again, why make things difficult on myself?

* honestly maybe it was simply someone’s commentary from the neuroscience seminar.

Blagtween=[excessive] lag time between blog posts


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