Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 25 July 2010


Sunday quietude: As we continue to steadily trudge toward a world that more and more resembles a sci-fi comic, I find this day to be a good one to ponder what this means for the spiritual portion of human existence.

Let’s start at the most difficult foundational belief: I firmly take the view that those that have not had or are unable to have some kind of ‘spiritual’ experience are genetically defunct – meaning that not all genetic developments are good ones.  However things have developed and I am not sure how they have come to be such… we have a class of people who are unable to experience more than their own small existence.

Now I could be jumping the same kind of gun that the atheist does – the equivalent of all people who believe in god, believe in the philosophically described and logically impossible christian god and are therefore stupid, illogical creatures. I could be assuming that those that don’t believe in God [especially in that zero sum abrasive manner] must not be able to experience ‘The Real’ and are thus genetically defunct, having lost some portion/functional capacity of their perceptual and thus, dare I say it, reasoning tools – which is what makes it possible for them to brush off experiences that may even be simply, similar.

Back to the ‘how has it become this way’ – I suppose I am not quite sure that the tools are actually gone but geez, I really get the sense of a spiritual emptiness from the soulless bastards [something is off, something is not right, something is missing, something is, oh dear! the basic components of the human spirit are missing. Okaaayyy, la de da, step away from the soulless bastard – weelll, it is a curious thing, let me see if I can understand the emptiness.]  It’s like Jane Goodall and the apes… or Chalmers and the Zombies, lol.

It becomes a difficult thing-because at bottom, I do hold what is a judgemental and parochial view that they are lesser beings – which makes me no different from them.   I remember giving my presentation in the Religious Experience class and being asked, “How do you explain the fact that not everyone has these kind of experiences?”  In my comfort zone, silly me – “it’s just a forgetting, like a lost skill, let’s just hope that the loss of function hasn’t translated into real genetic loss.” I think it just might be on the genetic level or that is my worry.  Sometimes I find it amusing that we have a class of people who find it perfectly OK to say that all of humankind before they came along were in error and at the very least borderline psychotic and they, the few, are now perfected humankind because they have discovered that there is no god or spirituality or any such thing – it’s all just a brain state and their [illusory] brain function is better.

Now, I think this is cause to worry if we think about just who is developing this future world. I can’t say for sure but what if there is a larger percentage of soulless bastards?  Say we actually get to a point of upload – what happens to the very large portion of humankind that has spiritual beliefs?  Forget the Judeo-Christian or Islamic traditions.  Do we lose the culturally marginal [because, let’s face it, we know who runs things] and spiritually rich traditions of the American Indians or Aborigines or Haitian voodoo, Jamaican Obeah, Santeria?  I dare say the western world is now fond of all things eastern so there is no worry there.  Who gets to decide what is preserved?

Of course this may be moot.  Who says a Santeria priest would want [or need] upload?  It is possible that the Dreaming is a version of what the movie Avatar gives us in the cool representation of the body changing ritual and our indigenous are already jacked in.  In any case, you should get my point.  I would want to be uploaded but still be able to experience the things I currently find valuable.  There is a cultural richness to be found in indigenous cultures, or Wiccan, Gnostic and yes, Christian mystical traditions.  How do we preserve this [let’s say nondual experience] in a transhuman future?


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