Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 8 November 2010

Digitally Extended Memory Aids within the Visual Artist’s Creative Process

Fuck it.  NOT to be presented at the 3rd Global Conference on Digital Memories because I still haven’t received the money for the 2010 South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Arts Fellowship.

Posted this update on 03/06/2011 because I most certainly don’t want to frickin’ bury this very important part of my memory of the sometimes intensely aggravating experience of what it’s like to be me…

Abstract: The approach of making art as an attempt to document and delineate the ‘structure’ in the phenomenology of creating necessitates ensuring both reliability and efficiency in information processing.  This paper details the The Xhyra Graf – an interdisciplinary arts project that includes blogging as a tool to augment metacognitive and reflective judgment within the creative process.  It is assumed that memory representations contain certain characteristics that reflect the conditions under which they were acquired (e.g. perceptual, contextual or affective information) and that judgments are made by evaluating the amount and nature of these characteristics. All of the difficulties associated with the intricacies of metacognition in determining the veridical nature of autobiographical memories are further compounded by the deeply subjective nature of the phenomenon of the creative experience.  The ineffable nature of certain portions of art practice inevitably affects judgments of the phenomenal qualities of the processes and experiences involved.  However, the artist has an important object as an external memory aid to recalling the moments of the creative act – the work of art itself.  As a visual cue it should engender vivid recall of the experience – eliciting perceptual (colour, line and form), contextual (placement and movement of the parts of the body) and affective (emotional quality) information associated with the experience.  The artwork or ‘artefact’ of the creative experience is the central most important aid for the artist in mining the memory.  This artefact assisted recall of the phenomenology of the creative experience should inform about the cognitive (decision-making/metacognitive judgment) processes during the experience.  Digital documentation of the artwork and corresponding verbal representations facilitates maintenance of the initial expression without the expected deterioration of typical memory function in combination with other non-digital storage & retrieval methods.

Also adding this to the list of not to be presented although they still have me listed in the conference programme — Spirituality in the 21st Century


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