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Art & Humanities Presentation @ MDC SL Island

Artwork by Pip Brant

Art & Humanities Presentation @ MDC SL Island

Artwork by Luisa Mesa

Flow in the Zone: A Global Perspective on the Inner Experience of Traditional Artists

Region: TAO:5448 Gallery, Virtual Montmartre

Nine international contemporary fine artists contributed paintings, drawings and sculpture to this virtual exhibition: Pip Brant-USA, Alete Burgé-USA, Alicia Falcone-Argentina, Luisa Mesa-Cuba, Jose Polet-Belgium, Policarpo Ribeiro-Brazil, Nathalie Sebregts-Netherlands, Ricardo Triana-Colombia, Tonietta Walters-Jamaica

Pathways to Wellbeing Participatory Software Demo

Region: Flinders University – Social Sciences

The Flinders University project is funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.  It is a social inclusion project targeted to Aboriginal users of social service agencies.  Demonstration of the Pathways to Wellbeing software involves two people sitting alongside each other while using the software on a computer screen in an art gallery setting located on the Flinders Island.

The Virtual SEER Exhibition

Region: Atelier Xhyra Graf, Virtual Montemartre

The Virtual SEER Exhibition delves into the world of Xhyra Graf – the nom de souris of Tonietta A. Walters, artist and philosopher.  The XhyraGraf was born in the MMORPG of Second Life where she putters around meeting people, doing things and going places.  She takes photographs that chronicle her experiences, makes the occasional never to be seen in real life sculptures and rather disjointedly tries to maintain her studio and gallery space.

City of Suzano Exhibition

Region: Flinders University – Social Sciences, 2nd Floor – In future: NoumenArt Museum @ NCAA Virtual Campus

The Arts Office Net, Inc. in the US and the artists of The Arts Office Brazil in Suzano will work with Miami Dade College (MDC) to create a virtual world exhibition.

NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics

Region: OpenSim – In development

The Arts Office Net Inc. is developing the NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics to display or create projects that specifically concentrate on art and altered states of consciousness. It includes a museum, studio/office space and the outdoor areas have individual and group meditation areas.

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