Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 22 November 2010

Turing Church Online Workshop

A day later than when I said I would post and succumbing to my general lack of time, I will just copy my google group post regarding the Turing Church Online Workshop:

I think organization is needed because of my example.  I am interested in transhumanism, about to begin my PhD and have some idea of the need for ‘design’ preferences and even traditional artwork itself to be incorporated into an individual’s mindfiles/upload record.  While I understand the benefit of ‘working’ toward something you want, I believe it would be good for there to be a central place [like mentioned – an umbrella organization focused on transhumanism & spirituality] that disseminates information on what groups, methods, etc. are out there and organizes symposia or workshops like the one we just had.  Even to provide an external evaluation on the various methods of preparing your digital files, estate, body, whatever for resurrection/reconstruction and also how new technology can be integrated.

If my case is the example, the issue of spirituality is a large factor when people are to consider transhumanism and it would be helpful to know that there are transhumanists that are concerned with spirituality in the most broad and general of interpretations–even in the extremely basic sense of the ‘hard’ problem of consciousness.   We can collect various forms of information or freeze a brain and reanimate it but maybe there is need for a ‘community’ that is primarily interested in the reanimation of  the ‘spirit’ of a person in order to hold on to the general spirit of what makes us human.  If you can excuse the abrasive tone of the post, the example of my worry is here:

Having said that, I have great doubts about involving other Christian denominations in something like this; even though I consider myself a Christian.  There is some greater possibility, like Giulio mentioned, of more of a new age kind of involvement. As a matter of fact, if the final solution scenario should be a virtual world simulation into which individual consciousness’s are transferred there is some need for preserving a more ‘ancient’ spirituality, as in indigenous pantheistic ideas which may more easily translate to contemporary panpsychist theory of consciousness being a fundamental feature of our physical universe. Still, that may just be a nod to my belief that our consciousness is not just ‘embodied’ but also grounded by the surrounding environmental aesthetics.

At bottom, it may be just fine to simply have some more workshops or meetings but some organization/PR would help to dissolve the view of tranhumanism as an elitist, mostly atheist, initiative and yes, maybe push the academic/research agenda that draws in younger scientists.


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