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Rearranging my Second Life

To follow up on this post finally…

My Home

I’ve had this home for a bit. Well, since the first moments that SecondLife began offering them to premium members. However, I never really used it. Why? There are several reasons, the primary one being that I have other land, here…

Going over the Edge

TAO Zone on the Mainland w/office space, gallery and sculpture garden.

Where, fours years ago, I first learned to build and spent hours, days, weeks in ‘making myself’ into THE Xhyra Graf that hasn’t changed much since I settled in on a shape. So, I still spent most of my time there.  Especially lately, since I started to work on NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics to inform my PhD.

NoumenArt in SL.

NCAA with Xhyra Graf’s office/gallery and meditation areas [including Quatro on of my first simple sculptures-a 4 person meditation area-copy at Flinders SL Island-Social Sciences]

There were other reasons:

There was hardly ever anyone there and my prim allowance was used up with just my bedroom and living room furniture.

Front Porch view

So most of the time I found myself staring outside for a bit then I teleported to TAO Zone.

Maybe SecondLife should include neighborhood information just like you would get if you want to buy an new home and do your research: population, type of neighborhood [maybe they include this I don’t remember] etc., etc. Right now I think you just get to choose the type of home. In any case, after the teleport, I still found myself in kind of the same situation – the prim allowance roadblock. This of course is in addition to a latent reluctance to take on the steep learning curve toward build a whole new environment. I wanted to begin the 42project and start on the ‘Cosmoscope’ but I needed more space. I even went through the motions of searching for more land but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more money.

NoumenArt in SL

So, here I was again, staring…

I had been in some of the other virtual worlds OpenSim, BlueMars and a few others. I even planned to get a region through jokaydiaGRID but truthfully SecondLife is the still the most developed and I am very attached to it. After all, it is where I was born. I have friends and family there. Granted, I don’t see much of them these days. This was no different from RL. I finally took the large separating step there so shouldn’t I be able to do that just as easily or flipping easier with SL? All things take time I guess. It was a combination of the usual procrastination and… probably fear.  Luckily I read this post: Worded just right I guess. I knew I had to do it [if only i could get over not looking like myself for a short while]. It shouldn’t be too tough. I’m pretty smart. I could do it even if it took me a long time to figure it out. Criminy, as if philosophy weren’t difficult enough for me I plan to add quantum theory to my list of things to learn for the degree. Why should something like this scare me?

iliveisl had a link for instructions on the blog. Hmmm, or somebody did. I know Pathfinder Lester had given a demonstration a while ago.  Anyway, it took me about 3 hours [if only because I actually read the directions for a change] and I ended up here. Yay!

Land for sale

So I cleared the SL land and put it up for sale.

Of course, I realize that I’m gong to have to rezz everything again so I can make sure to export my builds or rebuild everything, sigh. Let’s hope I can get rid of the land before the next billing comes up or else I will have to [gasp!] abandon it.  I’ll still be in SecondLife. There are all of the other projects that will continue there [Art & Humanities in SL]. After all I do work for Miami Dade Virtual College and use it for my classes. For my personal work and my own developed supplementary courses OpenSim is the better choice.  So off I go. I’m very happy and excited.

Constructing the World

Constructing the World


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