Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 8 December 2010

Need Machinima assistance in Second Life-February 2011

Virtual Seer @ Flinders

I need some help making a good record of the use the computer setup and the software demo at Flinders University Island and an in-world presentation of a paper about it. I would like to begin planning next month and complete video document by February 2011.

Send me [Xhyra Graf] an IM in-world [I’ll get an email]. Information about the project and slurl below.

Pathways to Wellbeing Participatory Software Demo

Region: Flinders University – Social Sciences

The Pathways to Wellbeing project is a social inclusion project targeted to users of social service agencies.  Demonstration of the software involves two people sitting alongside each other while using the software on a computer screen in an art gallery setting located on the Flinders Island.

My amateurish version here:

Um… Help!!


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