Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 28 January 2011

Sunrise from the front porch

Sunrise from the front porch

Sunrise from the front porch

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And on the seventh hour She rested…

Something appropriate about this picture because the sun was coming up like a big bald head [I wonder if anyone will get that reference] when I looked around, decided it was good, I had done enough work and could get some rest.

I had constructed the world… again. Below is what I ended up with:

Constructing the world... again.

Made from terrain raw files and instructions from TGIB with quite a bit of manual changes to the terrain within OpenSim.

The campus on the SW NoumenArt CAA Main region on the left is from the OpenVCE oar file.

The NW NoumenArt Labyrinth region terrain was translated into a usable terrain file with Terragen and Bailwick using TGIB instructions. The original image was from the Personal Labyrinth:


At the point that I took the snapshot I was feeling the completion of a sense of accomplishment that began while I felt ‘myself’ awaken – in the middle of typing commands into the OpenSim console at the same time as watching the scrolling background text that was OpenSim executing those commands.

…and it was good.


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