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Cosmoscope Models

Cosmoscope Model III

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The “Nondual Cosmoscope” will be exhibited at Stockholm University during Towards a Science of Consciousness in May of this year.

This first prototype of the Cosmoscope Project is an augmented reality installation. The installation includes the hybrid media of digital image paintings [like Axis Mundi]. The paintings are representative of my own glimpses of nondual experience within my creative process and will be embedded with QR codes. This will give viewers the choice of further interaction with the world of Xhyra Graf by using their mobile phones to connect with her digital memories on the internet and on the NoumenArtGRID.

I’ll also talk about the NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics [NCAA].

The NCAA mission is to:
1. Advance research with attention to the theoretical and practical groundwork of digitally representing nondual spiritual and cultural artefacts.
2. Provide an integrated methodology for virtual world assimilations of real world concepts.
3. Reinforce comprehensive epistemic objectives of digital memory preservation.

The NCAA virtual campus has been moved from TAO Zone in Second Life and is being developed on the NoumenArtGRID which will re-open with studios and exhibition spaces presenting TAONet artists later on this year. Plans include added regions for the Labyrinth Path & Sculpture Gardens, the Cosmoscope Project and Transhumanist Arts Research. The virtual campus can be completely encapsulated in a version of OpenSim that uses a flash drive as a server – making it portable for physical world presentations while still being accessible via internet and hypergrid technology to a global audience.

The Cosmoscope is a hypothetical epistemic tool proposed by David Chalmers in his 2010 Locke Lecture – “Constructing the World” [Click here for a short post with his parameters for a cosmoscope.]  I assimilated the concept in this first iteration into a ‘Nondual Cosmoscope’ as a tool of [individual] extension toward scrutability; for me artwork acts as an extended memory aid to perceptual and cognitive processes including autobiographical memory recall and metacognitive judgment.  The Nondual Cosmoscope augmented reality installation allows for accessibility to the major components on the NCAA Cosmoscope region. The Cosmoscope will also have access to information and teleport connections to other virtual world environments.


Cosmoscope Model II


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