Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 6 March 2011

Atelier Xhyra Graf

Atelier Xhyra Graf

Atelier Xhyra Graf

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I guess being a process artist allows me to post news about unfinished things. Hmmm, this an update, not news per se – ummm, yeah!

Thanks to Indea Vaher I now have a studio in Virtual Montmartre – a “Sim dedicated to the Jazz Age in the 18th Arrondisement in Paris.” She introduced me to Bryan Mnemonic [Dr. Bryan Carter – Associate Professor of Literature the University of Central Missouri] who is the project leader for the development for Virtual Montmartre.

He is interested in putting contemporary artists into the space as a modern expression of the importance of arts and culture to the time the Montmartre build portrays. See more about Montmartre here:

More about the Virtual Montmartre Project:

This should help me to stop bemoaning the loss of a ‘place’ in the world of my birth. Yes, I know it was my decision but it still made me a little sad to not have a studio in SL. So, off to work I go. Hopefully, I can manage to rummage through my inventory and find the things needed to recreate my working studio – going back to my beginning in SL where I had open studios on the mainland.

More than likely though, I’ll have to build new stuff. My inventory give me a headache.

See you in-world!


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