Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 24 March 2011

Featured Artist Talk at i-Learning Workshops

Some of my current work is on exhibit at i-Learning Workshops and I will also be giving a featured artist talk there on Friday, March 25th at 4pm SLT | 7pm EDT.

Ring on my finger

Slurl: i-Learning Workshop, First Floor Gallery

Xhyra Graf: An ‘artist and philosopher born of the virtual world’ who uses the world and its tools to develop a unique expression of experience, thought and self-expression.

“The Xhyra Graf attempts to answer the same question any “real” person asks at some point.  “Who am I?”

XhyraGraf is POP3D-the point of presence in 3D of being in its freest form thus far.  Xhyra exercises her freedom of choice in this 3D virtual reality.  Choosing everything about herself from the physical representations of the color of her skin and the shape of her body to the social representations of the clothes worn, the land owned, the home and the entertainment or religious establishments that visited; all toward the investigation of anomalies in conscious experience across all possible realities.”

Find Xhyra in other SecondLife Places:

Slurl: Atelier Xhyra Graf

Slurl: TAO:5448 Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Slurl: Heritage House

For more information about Xhyra, her work and her new OpenSim project, visit Xhyra’s Facebook Page
Xhyra Graf

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