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Authentic Potentiality-for-Being|Anticipatory Resoluteness

Reading Heidegger’s Being and Time as if for the very first time…

anticipation reveals to Dasein its lostness in the they-self, and brings it face to face with the possibility of being itself, primarily unsupported by concernful solicitude, but of being itself, rather, in an impassioned freedom towards death — a freedom which has been released from the Illusions of the “they” and which is factical, certain of itself, and anxious. H.266

I Alone II

The they” has always kept Dasein from taking hold of these possibilities of Being. The “they” even hides the manner in which it has tacitly relieved Dasein of the burden of explicitly choosing. So Dasein makes no choices, gets carried along by the nobody, and thus ensnares itself in inauthenticity. … But because Dasein is lost in the “they” it must first find itself. H.268

Since resoluteness is constantly certain of death — in other words, since it anticipates it — resoluteness thus attains a certainty which is authentic and whole. But Dasein is equiprimordially in the untruth. H.308

anticipation … is a mode of an existentiell potentiality -for-Being that is attested in Dasein — a mode which Dasein exacts of itself, if indeed it authentically understands itself as resolute. … Authentic ‘thinking about death’ is a wanting-to-have-a-conscience, which has become transparent to itself in an existentiell manner. … The question of the potentiality-for-Being-a-whole is one which is factical and existentiell. It is answered by Dasein as resolute. H.309

Anticipatory resoluteness is not a way of escape. fabricated for the ‘overcoming’ of death; it is rather that understanding which follows the call of conscience and which frees for death the possibility of acquiring power over Dasein’s existence and of basically dispersing all fugitive Self-concealments. Nor does wanting-to-have-a-conscience, which has been made determinate as Being-toward-death, signify a kind of seclusion in which one flees the world; rather, it brings one without Illusions into the resoluteness of ‘taking action’. … In it Dasein becomes free from entertaining ‘incidentals’ with which busy curiosity keeps providing itself — primarily from events of the world. H.310

Pure Consciousness


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