Posted by: Tonietta Walters | 30 January 2013

Straddling Worlds

New Look

New Look: No more creamy crack

Rain today… Both relaxing & exciting. Relaxing because I’ve always loved the rain – storms especially – from the smell of the first drops on the earth to the feeling of the air being newly cleansed. Exciting because I’m collecting the rainwater for the process of tanning my first (deer) hide. I look forward to the hard work and certain monotony of fleshing, scraping, tanning/softening and the immersion in learning an ancient skill. We have well water here and it’s probably best to have the “softer” rainwater to get the best results.

I will achieve balance eventually – temper the inclination of the city girl who doesn’t even think about where her food comes from to at least being aware of the concept of nothing going to waste. [Venison stew coming soon.)

It is a (hopeless) hope that we as species can achieve some balance – as we rush headlong into a SciFi world – that we can also embody ancient spirituality.  At least in how we interact with nature. Will a transhumanist future at least hold on to some form of Panentheism – with a healthy respect for every part of nature and what may exist beyond our perceptions?

I don’t hold on to much hope for grand scale human understanding but I can at least hold on to the hope that I will continue to work toward my own understanding.



  1. […] (Straddling Worlds 1)  I forgot to make a post when I first started working on it.  I shed some tears that day. You have to understand that I really am one of those people who doesn’t understand things until somehow they are experienced in a certain, usually tactile, way – it’s why I am an artist and choose to do sculpture.  Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the texture of “meat” but I suppose not in this way. […]


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