Posted by: Tonietta Walters | 6 February 2013

Guardian Panther [Totem]

first feline

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Woke up aggravated this morning.

OK, I know there are some of you that will maintain that this is nothing new. However, there is a difference. I usually wake up without the desire to interact with, speak to, or see anyone else. That is not grumpy just necessary to my peace of mind when I first greet the world.

Aggravation increased as I was… yes, nagged is the word, about a deadline today. If after you sent 2 emails over the past week, you send me an email AND also send someone else an email to remind me about the deadline that most professors would have to wait until the last minute to complete because they probably had to extend the student deadline since the LMS* was friggin’ BROKE for days – you are nagging.**

In any case, I just finally realized the real reason I woke up aggravated. It was not directly because of teaching but did have something to do with it. I had been spending extra time fielding more emails than usual from students because of the broken LMS, which meant I had less time than usual to keep my mind balanced.

So… the panther had lifted his head and was staring at me.

The Panther:
I’ve had a few very clear dreams in my life [documented here-privately, meaning I’m the only one that can read those posts]. However, the short, share-able version of the most recent one is of the panther that has taken up residence at the door of my studio and watches over me. He is not frightening at all. Um, in the same way a bad storm is not frightening when you are safe inside. Then again, I feel most alive during storms. I know he won’t harm me since he only seems to get “aggravated” when I slack off on things – the most important things.

He is me, he makes sure I stay on track and… I would rather not see him angry.


*LMS=Learning Management System. Used to deliver content for online courses. Thanks to my Editor 🙂

**Lest I forget – there was also a voice-mail. Maybe I would understand the nagging if a flat-lined LMS hadn’t caused a special situation and if in 16 semesters and however many courses that makes I had EVER missed this deadline.



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