Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 8 February 2013

Web Based NoumenArt Center?

Thanks to Sitearm for posting this.

I was very excited about this development. I envision making NoumenArt Center available using MIAB [MOSES in a Box] and something like this. No viewer downloads = a more seamless web (and mobile!) experience for users/visitors.

So, it would provide a secure, immersive environment with the only cost to NCAA being licensing, development and hosting. The only issue I see for future work would be enabling user content-creation. Essential for users to create objects within their own Singularity Sanctum and for visiting artists to mirror their TAO Haven residency virtually and… integrating avatar pre-selection (already possible in other grids).

In any case, this is all prototype work focused on mobile tech at this point. Still… it’s way cool!

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