Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 23 March 2013

MOSES DSG Screen Shot 22-Mar-2013



31 moses dsg 22-mar-2013_029

Over 90 of us signed up to dare, today, the limits of virtual worlds technology extensions. Kudos! Here are slideshows from today’s first MOSES/INTEL/DSG experiment.

Quote of the Day:

   Subset One: Establishing Shots (01-07) 
   Subset Two: Character Role Play Interaction Shots (11-13) 
   Subset Three: Art Shots (21-26) 
   Subset Four: Wrap Up Shot (31)
   (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy Distributed Scene Graph Test – 100’s of simultaneous users online)
. .
. Dave Fliesen Slide Show (Moses DSG) 
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