Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 July 2013

Meeting with the Secretary of Culture

Got to exercise my understanding of Portuguese yesterday in a meeting with the Suzano Secretary of Culture, Suami Paula de Azevedo, while he practiced his English. I’m sorry to say my French didn’t impress him enough to use it for our conversation [it is his second language.] It seems he thinks I am a wonderful personality  and so gifted me with a signed copy of his book of 101 Poetic Views, “Aprendiz de Encantamento.”
Aprendiz de Encantamento
We finalized/made official the plans for my visit. Yippee! I may actually get to do some steel sculpture and meet Lucio Bittencourt, who does some monumental sculpture as well as smaller abstract & figurative steel sculpture. I wish I could have a year in his tutelage.
I look forward to my exhibition at the Centro Cultural Francisco Carlos Moriconi at the end of August! Many thanks to my fellow artists – Policarpo RibeiroPedronevescosta Nevescosta, and Andreia Sato.
Poli Andreia Pedro


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