Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 8 July 2013

From Start to… what?

So I have six paintings started. This is not usually a problem but I do feel like I have a problem, and… this is why I needed an artist residency. Seems I have developed a mind-set of worry that blocks me. [I will not be blocked this time – mostly because I have a deadline – but it’s nice to be aware.]

Take something like this:



I had an idea for it when I started layering the surface and putting it up to begin the painting.  I intended to hang them straight but they happened to fall into this skewed position… and I was caught in a moment. Moments like this interest me… so I decided to leave them like that until I decided what to do. Now I have a situation.  The idea I have will not work on these skewed canvasses.  Again, there should be no problem. They are right across from both the place I work and the place I sleep. I can take the time to just stare and think (like Da Vinci, lol) but I am uneasy and can’t seem to let go of the uneasiness.

So… here it is. The Journal. I hope the act of documenting will bring and keep it to the surface, so I can rationalize my way back to the normal faith in my process.

No worries…


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