Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 10 July 2013

Got my hands dirty.

OMG! What a pleasure.


One Kilo* of pounded clay.

Got my hands dirty finally. It was absolutely awesome kneading, pounding and working the clay on the roof in the sun. I felt like a little girl and was actually humming a tune the entire time. Anyway, the clay isn’t as good as the porcelain that is sitting neglected** in the clay table at The Sanctum but it will work. Hopefully, it won’t crack when I fire whatever I end up making in the kiln at ECCOS.

* At my age just getting an experiential measure of an idea in my head I found myself thinking, “That’s a lot of coke!” *Shakes my head* What the heck are people thinking? I mean that much salt seems like it would be dangerous…

** Why am I able to get to working clay here and not at home? It may have something to do with an unencumbered mind.



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