Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 30 September 2013

Application Accepted! for MOSES Public Grid Land Grant

In the MOSES (Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy) reboot after a busy summer of DSG (Distributed Scene Graph) tests, upgrades and refinements anyone that wanted to be an Estate Manager was required to apply and go through an approval process for the MOSES Estate Manager Strategy Development Land Grant program. This is in addition to the process required to join MOSES which includes registering under your real name (i.e. not my metaverse moniker — out goes XG and in comes AesthesicProf – the ‘real’ me, lol.) and agreeing to the ARL STTC EUPA (Army Research Lab Simulation & Training Technology Center End User Participation Agreement).


NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics Landing Point

I’ve been working in MOSES since 2011 and am the Chief Editor for the MOSES community newsletter Broken Tablet but it doesn’t make an application any less stressful. I take nothing for granted. REboot could mean THEBoot. But… Yay! NoumenArt’s application has been approved and processed. NoumenArt will continue educational, transhumanist and cultural preservation projects (listed here on the NoumenArt Wiki Front Page)  and will also go through a reboot similar to MOSES – tests, upgrades, refinements and expansions.


City of Suzano Artists Virtual Exhibition 2011

Most notable:

  • The NoumenArt sim had an exhibition of artists from Suzano, SP, Brazil. Suzano in the virtual world will now be expanded to a full museum, tentatively called the Museum of Diverse Cultures. Development of this museum for cultural and historical preservation requires a move from the NoumenArt main estate/simulator to a separate simulator.
  • NoumenArt partners with the Society for Mind Brain Sciences to develop experiential resources and educational outreach for the Sci2Art & Consciousness Science Program. (Sci2Art on Facebook)
  • The AesthesicProf Virtual Office will be revamped for use with the students for my newly developed Ethics for IT course where topics like social networks and virtual worlds will be covered.

AesthesicProf Virtual Office

Feeling happy with getting ready to do some real virtual (lol) work!

“These are very exciting times” ~ Tank, The Matrix



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