Posted by: Tonietta Walters | 12 January 2014

Things I normally keep to myself

On the road in FL.
Needed a potty break.
Got off at the next exit.
Actually verbalized “Eek!” like a startled mouse when I saw the Sanford sign with the arrow pointing left.
Turned right toward Mims.
Only saw a McDonalds.
Made a legal U-turn to get back on the highway.
Panicked when I saw the police car behind me.
Turned right onto I95.
Police car kept going.
Breathed a sigh of relief.

Not wanting to drive into Sanford? You know why.
Police panic? The last time I got pulled over by a cop was at Broward College Davie Campus. He was abrasive so I handled it the only way I could without bursting into tears – expressionless, brief answers. My license was suspended. He wanted to know why I was on the campus and didn’t believe me when I said I taught there. “You don’t look like a professor.” He had me out of the car with my hands on the trunk and was arresting me when an older Hispanic cop showed up. This one talked to me like I was a person so I started crying. He convinced the Nazi to let me go.


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