Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 25 February 2014

Hello World

My eyes pop open.
I lie there for a while unable to go back to sleep..
I get up with a groan. Thirsty.
On the way to the kitchen for a drink, a smile comes.
I’ve remembered that I bought Pepsi last night.
Humming contentedly at the sound of the ice clinking against the glass.
I open the bottle – First Fizz.
The smile widens.
I take a deep drink.
Bubbles tickling my upper lip, my brows furrow.
I look at the bottle.
A low animal growl escapes me when I see the zero.
It rumbles out with increased intensity as my eyes land on the word ‘Max’

Hello World, There will be hell to pay.

Hello World, There will be hell to pay.



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