Posted by: Tonietta Walters | 4 March 2014

Elevator Statement

Came about while thinking about why I have changed from a Philosophy focus – giving up philosophical discourse not on philosophical analysis or speculative philosophy. Aging has made me be even more pragmatic.

Suryodaya 2014

Suryodaya 2014

The PhD in Mystical Research/Comparative Religion allows me to focus on my personal and community end goals:

  • The making of virtual environments that allow me to reach the same kind of altered state of consciousness that I achieve when I physically create. Subjective Calibration first.
  • Being my own lab rat will hopefully lead to end products/processes that can then be shared in varying permutations – from an opensource package that someone can cost effectively install on a PC and/or sync with on a mobile device [DIY] to a custom made, high-end, holographic virtual reality. Objective Verification second.



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