Posted by: Tonietta Walters | 8 March 2014

*Smiles Big*

Euphoria | XG 2010

Euphoria | XG 2010

The past few hours somehow erased that rested from vacation feeling of riding my own personal beam of light. However, I just witnessed a wonderful (for me) moment of honesty when returning the rental. One of the rental people was heading toward another car and (I just would never believe it if I was told but I saw it with my own eyes) saw me, altered his course in my direction and these words came out, “What a beautiful woman.”

I saw him realize he said it out loud, kind of shake his head and repeat it again. As he got to my window I asked, “Are you talking about me?” To which he replied, “Of course, you’re an incredibly beautiful woman.”

Stunned I mouthed an extended and breathy “Thank you” worthy of Marilyn Monroe and gave him that special brilliant smile reserved for the group of one that made me feel beautiful enough to again feel like I’ve got my own personal beam of light.


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