NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics

The NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics [NCAA] is the virtual campus of The Arts Office Net Inc. [TAONet].

The NCAA mission is to:

  1. Advance research  and education with attention to the theoretical and practical groundwork of digitally representing nondual spiritual and cultural artefacts.
  2. Provide an integrated methodology for virtual world assimilations of real world concepts.
  3. Reinforce comprehensive epistemic objectives of digital memory preservation.

The NCAA virtual campus has been moved from Second Life and is being developed on the NoumenArtGRID which will re-open in late 2011 with offices, classrooms and TAO:5448 Gallery to present TAONet artists and the NoumenArt Collection. NoumenArtGRID will include added regions for the Labyrinth Path & Sculpture Gardens, the Cosmoscope Project and Transhumanist Arts Research.  NCAA will also manage the administration of TAO Learning.

The NCAA Executive Director is Xhyra Graf

[Your donation is NOT tax-deductible]

QR Code for TAO Learning website

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