This painting is very old but found this “poem” also very old…

The first of the hurt
God’s will has blood spill
Sitting on your throne on high
Eve’s philosophy begins with “Why?”

Why teachings that make me despise who I am?
Why laws that subjugate me to a man?
Why hormonal imbalances that make me lustful?
Why a lunar cycle that makes me spiteful?
Why a fate that makes me hate?

My sex, in eternal vex
The blame, the shame
I bleed for my sins
I bled, shaved my head
I weep, my soul to keep
The snake’s will wins

From 12 to 33 he did his father’s work,
Earth mother’s dearth allowed to shirk.
With my menses, I lose my senses
In dysmenorrheal hysteria
From 12 to 33 I fought with thee
“Why, Father, hast thou forsaken me?”

I, woman, cry “It is finished.
And you, God, go unpunished

[The title of the painting is “And God Goes Unpunished”]

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