An Artist’s Statement

I work because I have to and I have to because of the work.

Though a taste of heaven sustains me; tribulation revelation replica.

I gather together the pieces and assemble the pieces that I gather.

And I rage at all the years; weary eternal reiteration.

The patterns take form in the quiet spaces between the many pins.

Pricking repeatedly at the turmoil.

The red circles of my emotions become monotonous.

I lay them each carefully in place.

In memories of my future the child beckons me closer.

Her hand steady as the sand falls.

We take measured steps along the path of our renaming.

Time convulsing and giving way.

In those moments of bilocation embodied knowledge guides us.

Double helix space traversed.

The steps, the dance, expansion…

Rage ravages reason

Both and neither being

Timeless, spaceless

Become as everything


Yet… again I am among the dying.

Leaving warm and nourishing waters.

The light becomes my enemy.

And the air is rank.


This the original artist statement for Stuff & Nonsense: A Bricolage of Imaginary Landscapes.
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